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Carnival Glam Hub

Makeup on all models were done by Carnival Glam Hub MUAs


What is Carnival Glam HUB?

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It's basically a Salon, dedicated to Carnival, with all the services you need under one roof: Makeup. Hair. Bronzing. Breakfast. Photoshoot. Changing Room. Champagne. Shuttle Service. Dressing Assistants. Seamstress. Glam Hub takes the hassle out of getting ready for the road. 

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AWM Carnival Blogger, is a third time Carnival Glam Hub

Glam Girl

Trinidad. St. Lucia. Miami

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Gabby Glam

Philipa Hoggarth Carnival Glam Hub Miami

Phillipa Hogarth

I really love how I was treated from booking my appointment to walking out. The team was on point with setting me up for my photoshoot! I got my pictures in a timely manner! I will be booking with Carnival Glam Hub again 10/10!

Janina Carnival Glam Hub Miami


My glam hub experience was Amazing, thank you guys so much


Lisa, Travel influencer

It was amazing!! From the minute I walked in right till the end. Love love love my makeup! My hair is super cute and Brian, the photographer took some bomb pics of me    Y’all are awesome!


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Carnival Glam Hub FAQs

Q. Do All Services Include Makeup A. No. You can build your own package to include the services you want. Send us an email. Q. Do I have a choice with who does my makeup A. You can book a Makeup artist and her team. Some Makeup artists cost more. Q. Do you have private rooms available? A. Yes. For groups of 5 Q. Do you do house calls A. Yes. For groups of 10 Q. Do you provide a shuttle service A. Yes we do. For some territories, this is a complimentary offer, and for others, it may cost extra. Shuttles are only to the band, it is not a round trip. Q. For my photoshoot may I choose my photographer A. Yes you may. The offering may be slightly different per territory Q. Can I bring a friend? A. Yes. For some territories, this may come at a cost depending on the offerings. It is a paid fee for Jamaica, Trinidad and Miami. Q. Is Eventbrite the only payment method? A. No. We accept most payment solutions: PayPal, Zelle, Apple Pay, WiPay or Direct Deposit Q. Can I Pay at the door? A. You can, but you will be accommodated only on a first come first basis or space available. The best option is to pay the deposit to secure the time slot, and then the balance on the day.

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