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Is Trinidad Carnival Safe? The Real Talk You Never Knew You Needed.

So, you've heard the rumours. Crime in Trinidad is on the rise, the US embassy's playing the advisory card, and everyone's got an opinion. But let's cut through the noise and get real. Is Trinidad Carnival 2024 safe?

Carnival Glam Hub Team at Trinidad Carnival 2023
Trinidad Carnival

Here's the lowdown:

1. Avoid Bling, Blend In

Excessive bling can attract the wrong kind of attention. Carnival isn't worth your most expensive Jewelry, and criminals can spot your foreign-ass from a mile🤣. Keep your valuables low-key, and opt for plastic or beaded accessories. Thieves don't discriminate – fake bling or not.

2. Cash Tactics: Less is More

Don't be a cash magnet. Break up your bills, keep your cash in different spots, and avoid flashy transactions. Use your cards wisely or stash your cash in an envelope for low-key spending.

3. Travel Squad Goals

Roll deep. Travelling in groups reduces the risk of unwanted attention. Carpool, walk together, and always designate meeting points if you get separated – it's all about staying connected. Watch out for each other, esepcially for your female friends, costume malfuntions, over zealous advances from half drunk men or men pretending to be drunk, videgraphers and photographers who may be seeking inappropriate content and stupid people- they exist.

4. Sip Smart: Drink Detective Mode

Safety isn't just about the streets. Protect yourself from drugged drinks – get your own from the bar, never leave them unattended, and always be on guard. Most of the parties are all inclusive, get your own damn drink. And carefull of that person who keeps feeding your more. This advice goes for everyone, ladies and gents. Gents, the Trini Cougars are real lol.

5. Designated Driver Vibes

If you rented a car, sort your transport game before the vibes kick in. If you're rolling with a crew, tag that sober hero as your designated driver. No drunk driving, no exceptions. Trinidad is har don DUI, and a Trinidad Jail is nothing like a foreign Jail.

6. Get the Travel Data App

Protect your phone at all costs. Being able to communicate is the win. You can always grab a SIM card at the airport. The island has two main carriers, Digicel or BMobile. But data in this day and age is more important and it may make sense just to get on of those new travel data app plans. Try Ubiti

7. Keep It Casual, Keep It Real

Big parties mean poor data and phone service. Stick with your crew,or identify a time and place to meet up – just like your mom taught you. And hey, if you're hitting water parties, get a waterproof phone even if its a zip-lock bag – trust us.

8. Vibes on the Road: Post-Road March Safety

When the road march is a wrap, and you're scrambling for a ride – TT Ride Share, your driver, whatever – here's a golden rule: Don't hop into any car solo, especially if you're you're already half drunk and exhausted. Don't fall asleep in that car by yourself. Stick with your crew because safety in numbers is more than just a saying.

9. The TT Ride Share Move

Don't sleep on technology. TT Ride Share is your island-friendly Uber, and you better believe it's a game-changer. Download the app, keep it handy, and avoid those sketchy solo rides.

10. Carnival is Love Music Don't argue with anyone, avoid confrontation, smile and keep it rolling. No argument is worth it. Soca music is happy music. Some people can't handle alcohol, keep that in mind, avoid argument with locals... it may sound a way, but they have numbers you don't and this is their place.

Safety isn't a buzzkill; it's your VIP pass to a worry-free Carnival. Trinidad Carnival 2024 is about the vibes, and we're keeping it safe, keeping it real. 🚗🇹🇹 #SafeCarnivalChronicles #TrinidadVibes

Emergency Numbers on Speed Dial

Hold up, safety first! Store these emergency numbers in your phone:

Police: 999

Fire: 990

Ambulance: 811


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