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Caribbean Beauties & Carnival Glam Hub

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Caribbean Beauties is the #1 networking and talent agency for Caribbean women globally and is closely aligned with Caribbean culture, events and tourism. Behind the brand, is a strong team of media and marketing professionals with a single objective of presenting the Caribbean to the world.

Carnival Glam Hub is the Caribbean's premier Carnival Salon, with a focus on women and young professionals who are in love with Caribbean culture (carnivals) and travelling to exotic destinations. In this regard, the vision behind Caribbean Beauties encapsulates the brand culture and ethos of Glam Hub.

Our partnership with Glam Hub means that we can offer additional value to the Carnival space and as such offer additional points of engagement and sale to the discerning traveller who comes to our island shores for Carnival. Caribbean Beauties works closely with several regional Governments, Carnival Bands and Tourism Boards in the promotion of Carnival and other cultural events. - Jésus Douglas Ceo and Founder of Caribbean Beauties

Caribbean Beauties will be an official reseller of Glam Services through out the region and all markets that Glam Hub participates in.

The partnership is a long term one and will incorporate events outside of just Carnival, the selling of branded merch, and the production of events.

The regional alliance between Carnival Glam Hub and Caribbean Beauties sends a strong signal to the market that we are open and ready for business after a two-year hiatus. The success of Glam Hub has always been dependent on the success of Carnival Bands as we provide a supporting service. Any agent/agency that promotes the growth of Carnival Brands, bands and destinations is of interest to Glam Hub. - Kibwe McGann, Co-Founder Carnival Glam Hub

Carnival Glam Hub and Caribbean Beauties Partnership
One Caribbean

You can look for Caribbean Beauties (CB) and Carnival Glam Hub (CGH) at the following 2022 Carnivals

Sint Maarten (CB only)

Jamaica (CB & CGH)

Saint Lucia (CB & CGH)

Antigua (CB only)

Barbados (CB and CGH)

Grenada (CB only)

Tobago (CB Only)

Miami (CB and CGH)

Follow Caribbean Beauties on instagram at @caribbeanbeauties1 and Carnival Glam Hub at @carnivalglamhub

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