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Carnival Makeup then Photoshoot

So... after you've gotten your carnival makeup and hair done and you've spent all your money to look like a princess what's next? Do you head out on the road and wait until the band starts? You could... but that's giving Carnival Newbie

But since you're reading this blog, the answer is no.

Everyone knows you don't immediately hit the road. Firstly, you're going to be waiting an hour or two for everyone to get in their section. You'll be sunburnt, tired and miserable even before the trucks start to roll. Take our advice and make use of this time for your photoshoot.

I mean... you didn't spend all this money to not have photos for Gram and Tiktok.

Quick advice... make sure to take a video and photos before and after your GLAM.

Pro Tip: makeup sure you walk with your glam squad to tie all the strings you can't get to.

When you book services like Carnival Glam hub, a professional photoshoot comes with your package. From all accounts... it's worth the extra bucks. GLAM Hub books the same photographers who are hired to do the band launch and on-the-road photos. Photographers like Nigel So Crazy , Joe Geo Fotos , DacX Productions have all worked with Glam Hub.

Glam Hub is always located at amazing destinations!

Be a celebrity for a day, do what the BIG faces of Carnival do.

This was GLAM HUB TRINIDAD at the Hilton Hotel

...and even if you can't afford a service like Carnival Glam Hub, we suggest you take your time getting ready. Don't fall trap to the hype of getting ready and rushing out onto the road. In fact, experienced carnival slayers don't hit the road until midday. This way, you would have taken all your photos and videos and when you reach the road, you'll be FRESH while everyone else will be hot and sweaty, with their hair looking like a mess. :-)

Shameless Plug

See you at the Carnival Glam Hub: Miami, Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Saint Lucia

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