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Carnival Week 2022 in Jamaica

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

After a two year hiatus, Carnival in Jamaica is back! But this time not in April as we are used, but in JULY !!

Xodus and Bacchanal Jamaica have decided not to wait until 2023 and will be going ahead with Carnival 2022 Road March on Sunday, July 10th with costumes from 2020 that never made it to the road due to the pandemic. Xaymaca Carnival has decided not to present its band in July and is rumoured to be hosting its road parade in November 2022, as a sign of respect for other regional carnivals that also host their parades in July. This leads many to suspect that there may be some 'Bacchanal' in Jamaica between the bands. BUT... that's not our business, we came to fete, pump, jam, and live wi best life!!

Here is the official Carnival in Jamaica Calendar released by the Jamaica Ministry of Tourism.

The top seven events on our radar

And of course... before you hit the road on July 10th, you must visit Carnival Glam Hub at the Jamaica Pegasus from 12:00 Midnight to 12:00 pm carnival morning. This is where you and your friends (and bf) get glammed for the road and take photos. Famed Trinidad Photographer, Nigel So Crazy has also been booked for the hub.

The Hub offers Makeup, Hair and photoshoots. All bookings come with the standard hub amenities: Mimosa on entry, Air-conditioning waiting for lounge, All-inclusive drink and bar, Snacks, Changing room, Parking, Wifi, Access to changing rooms with large mirrors, seamstress and dressing assistants, Barber service (for men), and an in-house DJ.

A sneak peek inside Carnival Glam Hub Jamaica. Here's what to expect

From where we sit, Carnival in Jamaica looks like it has solid 2022 fete offerings.

Parties, Rum, Nuff Soca with a splash of Dancehall, More Rum, Good Food, Some More Rum and a Parade through the streets of Kingston.

Stay safe and party hard, If we don't catch up with you in Jamaica, hopefully, the Glam Team will catch up with you in St. Lucia or Barbados

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If it's your first time doing Carnival in the Caribbean, make sure to read these two blogs first:

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