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Carnival Without the Hassle: Carnival Glam Hub

Updated: May 26, 2022

If you've never done Carnival in Caribbean and you're not from the island destination hosting the Carnival, getting ready for the road can be a PRODUCTION.

If you're about your Instagram photos and those hot girl pics, then you know getting reading for Carnival is equivalent to getting ready on your wedding day.

Hair, Makeup, Nails, Body Bronzer, Lashes, Costume, Back pack and of course the photo shoot before you hit the road. The production can start from as early at 12 midnight, and if you're not for the islands, then it makes it 10 times harder trying to work out the logistics. Chances are, all those services are done by multiple people, who are also being booked by several other people who are trying to achieve the same thing as you. It's easy to feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, and who wants that before the road march.

"Thats why we came up with Carnival Glam Hub" - Gabrielle, Waite, Pro Makeup Artist and Founder of Carnival Glam Hub. We wanted to create an hassle free environment for revellers who come to enjoy Carnival from all over the world. We created a space that included everything under one roof."

Think about booking all your services appointments online and going to one location, that's close to the Carnival route. Now picture all the things you'd like to have there:

Mimosa's on entry. Snacks, Coffee and Tea (to wake you up of course). Comfortable AC Waiting room with an in-house Soca DJ to get you in the mood. Makeup and Hair stylist already on site and waiting on YOU. A Wing check at the door. Breakfast..because if you start makeup and getting ready from the early hours you're gonna be hungry. Changing room with a seamstress, just incase you pop something or if it just doesn't fit right. Dressing assistants because some of these costumes require a Master Degree to construction to put on. Massive 8ftX8ft mirrors so that you get the full look. An overnight Bag check, because where exactly are you going to put the clothes you came in (?? right). A Photographer to capture you before your makeup melts and before you throw away the back pack . Shuttle that takes you right to your band.

Oh yea... and you can carry a friend of your boy friend. They have a man cave and a barber on hand.

Don't ruin your experience because you were busy trying to get ready and got lost on some narrow Caribbean one-way road because you thought you could navigate it all. Carnival Glam Hub is an affordable premium option designed for the international traveller. Hear it from people who have gone:


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