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Don't make these 5 rookie mistakes: Trinidad Carnival 2024

Hey Carnival Newbie, so, you’re venturing into Trinidad for Carnival – exciting! But trust me, I’ve been there, and there are pitfalls to avoid. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Shoe Choice is Everything:

Trinidad Carnival is a fete marathon, and your feet will feel it. Say no to new shoes! Opt for comfy open slippers or wedges. Break them in weeks before, band-aid your toes, and thank me later.

2. Bag Drama? No, Thanks:

Crime exists everywhere, so ditch the flashy handbags. A slim wallet or a fanny pack (or thigh pack) is your friend. Keep cash modest – around $300-$400 TT (approximately US$40-50). Download TT Ride Share for safe and card-friendly taxis.

#carnivalhack Ready to fete like a pro? Grab your fanny or thigh pack by clicking on the image below

Carnival Thigh Packs recommended for Trinidad Carnival
Carnival Thigh Packs by MRCH

Kalaista wearing a black thigh, with makeup, hair and photoshoot done at Hilton Hotel, Trinidad Carnival y Carnival Glam Hub
Kalista Trinidad Carnival

3. Headgear Rule: Keep it On!

If your costume comes with headgear, don’t be tempted to take it off mid-march. It messes with your makeup, and we’re here for Instagrammable moments. Embrace the tan line; it’s a Carnival souvenir!

4. Wings Come with Scars:

Big backpacks or wings? Expect battle scars – it’s a Carnival right of passage. Ditch them mid-march or be ready for noticeable scars. The simple rule:

The bigger the wings, the deeper the scars, the better looking your photos

#carnivalhack: Back Pack Babes offers an elegant workaround with rented wings.

5. Avoid the Vendor Chase:

Carnival morning chaos awaits if you book different vendors in different places. Don’t be a rookie – consolidate services. Between the traffic, road closure and crazy one-ways, booking multiple services on carnival morning is a sure way to ruin your carnival experience. Glam Hub at Hilton Hotel has your back: all services under one roof, from hair to makeup, a DJ, complimentary drinks, and a shuttle service. Stress-free glam!

#carnivalhack Book early. Give yourself at least an hour per service, and 45 minutes to get dressed. They have dressing assistants, but those strings are tricky. Book here

Poplar Carnival model Melax Goddess getting her makeup done with Carnival Glam Hub at Xodus jamaica band launch
Carnival Glam Hub

Krystal Pitt getting her makeup done at Carnival Glam Hub in Jamaica
Carnival Glam Hub

Cheers to an epic Trinidad Carnival 2024! 🎉

About the writer:

International Model, Med Student, and the current Miss Jamaica World, Shanique Singh is a Carnival Chaser and Soca lover. She's been to several carnivals across the region and has experienced Carnival Glam Hub in Trinidad, Jamaica, and Miami.

Shanique Signh, Miss Jamaica World and International Model, Med Student and Carnival Chaser
Shanique Singh Miami Carnival

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