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GenX Miami Carnival 2024 Costumes

Updated: 4 days ago

Hey Carnival Lovers! 🎉

If you thought you've seen it all, think again! GenX Miami has just taken things to a whole new level with their sensational band launch, "Ravenous." Trust me, this animal-inspired theme is everything! The energy, the creativity, the sheer fierceness – it’s all here and it’s absolutely mind-blowing. 🐅🦅🐠🐉

The intro is a little long, but you start seeing the costumes at the 50 second mark. It's a super cool movie though.

The theme, "Ravenous," drew inspiration from the primal world of animals in their fiercest forms. Meet the Beasts of "Ravenous":

  • Arachnia (Tarantula): Embrace the intimidation of the Tarantula, known for its large, hairy body and powerful fangs. This section is a master of surprise in the insect world.

GenX Miami 2024 costume
Arachnia by David Dewar

  • Talon (Falcon): Soar high with the Falcon, the fastest bird in the sky, capable of reaching speeds over 200 miles per hour during a dive. The ultimate aerial predator.

Marissa GenX Miami
Talon - GenX Miami Launch
  • Razr (Piranha): Dive into the ferocity of the Piranha, famed for its razor-sharp teeth and voracious appetite. This fish can strip prey to the bone in minutes.

GenX Miami Carnival 2024
Razr by David Dewar for GenX

  • Ravage (Komodo Dragon): Meet the Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard on Earth, renowned for its deadly bite and immense strength. A true titan of the reptilian world.

GenX Miami 2024
Ravage by Douglas John

  • Raja (Tiger): Feel the power of the Tiger, the most majestic of the big cats, revered for its striking orange and black stripes and formidable hunting prowess.

GenX 2024 Miami Carnival
Raja by David Dewar
  • Venom (Viper): Navigate the versatility of the Viper, admired for its sinuous movement and potent venom. An expert at navigating various environments.

Each section was a tribute to nature’s raw power and beauty. The costumes? Breathtaking. The vibe? Electrifying. The entire event? A spectacle of primal elegance and unrestrained excitement. 🕷️🦅🦁🐍

Nah fam... Check the details on Venom for GenX Miami Carnival!

Let's talk about the supermodels who stole the show. Our fierce Trinidadian queens – Marieange Bovell, Achsah Henry, Marissa Williams, Brianna Shim, and Dania Duntin – brought the heat and then some. Can we talk about a squad goal? These ladies are IT! 👑🔥

Of course they've all been Glam Girls and at one point or the other, Glammed by the Hub - Shameless plug.

And of course, none of this magic would have been possible without the celebrity glam team behind the scenes. Makeup by the incredible Faces of Bella Rouge and hair by the fabulous Kissa from Dollz Beauty. When these pros team up, you know the glam is going to be on another level. Every detail was flawless, every look was perfection. 💄💇‍♀️✨

Now, if you’re like me and living for every moment of this carnival magic, here's the best part – you can get in on this experience too! Carnival Glam Hub, the beauty sponsor for this fabulous shoot, is your go-to for all things glam at Miami Carnival 2024. Whether you need stunning makeup, gorgeous hair, or a fabulous photoshoot, we’ve got you covered.

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models and be a part of the ultimate glam experience.

Head to Carnival Glam Hub to secure your spot. If you're like me, then we're gonna all out for Miami Carnival 2024 💖✨

Stay fabulous, stay fierce, and see you on the road! 🎉💃

Glam Girl Jade ✌🏾


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