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Tobago Carnival 2022 - What to do, who to play with, where to go.

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

You would've had to have been living under a rock to not have heard about the rebirth of Tobago Carnival 2022. The smaller of the twin island republic, officially launched its very own carnival independent of Trinidad . Tobago Carnival is scheduled for October 28-30 under the theme "Ritual, Revelry, Release"

Of course, we had to do our research and bring you the deets. We caught up with one of our favs, a Glam Babe herself, Bianca "ChineeChic" Manzano who is part of the movement and a first time costume designer for Iconic Mas Band, one of the Bands showcasing in Tobago Carnival this year. Here's what she shared...

2. What was the thought process or inspiration behind your designs?

The thought process of creating the band initiated out of a survey done in 2021 when it was rumoured that a Tobago Carnival was coming. The market asked for affordability coupled with an all-inclusive experience. I got the opportunity to design and own my section so I then challenged myself to create costumes that allow for persons now emerging from the effects of loss of income and the pandemic to transition into a day of freedom on the road. My section designs are based on “Monday Wear” style geared towards meeting the demands of the market. I still maintained the exuberance of colours which bring to life the joy and happiness being portrayed. I am also aware that visitors from Trinidad will incur expenses such as airfare, accommodation, food and vehicle rental, hence my affordability bears that in mind. My costume price starts from $1,400 TT.

3. As a global Carnivalist and entrepreneur, how do you feel or hope that Tobago Carnival would stand out from the rest?

Tobago carnival will stand out as the last official carnival experience for each calendar year. “Carnival Hunters/Global Carnivalist”, who crave the festival and travels around the world in search of the same, can be involved in the grand finale of carnivals annually. Tobago is poised to be the greatest little island producing its own unique identifiable product that the rest of the world will admire.

4. Which events are you looking forward to for Tobago Carnival?

I am looking forward to all the events, but even more so Iconic Mas Weekend: October 28 – 30th. Three days to immerse yourself in culture. Friday 28th - Iconic Welcome – Coolers inclusive Saturday 29th – Mud Festival Sunday 30th – Iconic Mas

5. Outside of what will be your carnival experience, what’s your favourite thing/s to do when you visit Tobago?

Tobago is a beautiful island with lots to explore. Here are some sites I recommend: Fort King George, Mystery Tombstone, Argyle Waterfall, Store Bay Beach, Pirates Bay, Pigeon Point Beach, Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Nylon Pool and No Mans Land. Water sports is a must!! When you go to Pigeon Point, check in with Alex Waterholics and tell them Bianca sent you ;-)

6. A calendar of events has been released for this highly anticipated Carnival, any advice to our female following on how they can pack and prepare for the festivities?

Female masqueraders need to walk with multiple outfits for a variety of outdoor fetes e.g rompers, shorts, crop tops, bodysuits, swimwear, sunblock for skin protection, many flip flops, shades and hats. * Shameless plug check out our GLAM Store for some of these items

7. How to register to play with Iconic Mas on the road? Visit:

Tobago Carnival preliminary calendar of events Official website: September 25 – Soaked at Roxborough October 1 – Dream at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex October 22 – The Hideout at the Argyle Waterfall October 23 – Revel on the Harbour Master October 26 – Waddap Wednesday at Canoe Bay October 27 – Pink Brunch (venue to be announced) October 28 – Pan in the Gayelle October 28 – Floats and Bikinis on the Harbour Master October 28 – Daylight (venue to be announced) October 28 – Finesse on board the Embassy. October 29 – J'Ouvert October 29 – Night Mas October 29 – Emerge Carnival Masquerade Gala October 29 – Mud Festival in Crown Point October 29 – TUCO Tobago Lime at Tropikist Hotel October 29 – Soiree (venue to be announced) October 30 – Parade of the Bands

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