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Top 10 Must-Attend Fetes at Trinidad Carnival 2024

Updated: Jan 22

This Top 10 list was curated by Carnival Chasers Concierge. If you need to get fete tickets or book a fete package, hit 'em up. We've also included a full fete calendar at the end of this blog.

1. Private Ryan's SOCA BRAINWASH | 🫦💄  | All Inclusive

Easily one of the best fete experiences for the Trinidad Carnival 2024 season, and consistently rates in most fete chasers' Top 10 experiences. The attention to detail and decor, the food and the entertainment are top-tier and totally worth the spend, because let's face it, it is certainly not on the cheaper side of fetes. Hands down, Ryan knows how to put on a party.

2. STINK & DUTTY 💦🫧🎨 | Cooler Party Saturday - Feb 03 - 3a-9a

This is considered the ultimate wet fete of the season, with 10,000 people, 30,000 gallons of water, and the best DJ's of the season. Think Bacchanal, think pure unbridled badness, with half-naked bodies jumping to Soca! Look out for unexpected performances and total madness. Leave your behaviour at the hotel, leave your problems at the gate, and leave your spouse at the bar 😂😫🥲. You'll be talking about this fete for the rest of 2024. That's a Promise.

3. Sunnation Breakfast Party from 🇯🇲 | 🫦💄  | All Inclusive

Straight from Jamaica, and produced by Mr. Dream Weekend PP-Phillip Palmer and I LOVE SOCA Captian Andrew Bellamy, this party has grown to become one of the most sought-after parties of the season. Super All-inclusive with live performances. This is definitely on the pretty people's fete list. Think beautiful people, under the Caribbean sun, vibing to good music.

4. PinkNic 🫦💄  | All Inclusive

This is a 'Pretty People' party for charity. As the name suggests, dress in PINK. The Decor is pink, the food and drink pairings are pink. In fact, The only thing that wasn't pink was the Doubles and Bake and Shark. This is one of those parties where people come theme-dressed. They have lots of photo props and booths and it's an awesome vibe if you're not looking for a huge crowd. You also pre-order your bottles with your ticket package.

Pinknic 2023 with Miss Jamaica World Shanique Singh

5. A.M. Bush 💦🫧🎨 | All Inclusive

As the name suggests, this is an early morning party in the bush (literally). You definitely want to book a driver and make sure to carry a change of clothes and garbage bags. This is not one of those parties you can escape getting wet, painted and dirty. If you have braids for the season, bag it up! This is one of those parties best enjoyed with a crew. Chances are if you enjoy this, you'll also enjoy AM Beach also under the Caesar's Army Brand.

Trinidad Carnival 2023, A.M. Bush with Shanique Singh, Nicholas Dodd (left) and Kibwe McGann (right)
Miss Jamaica World Shanique Singh and GenXS Jamaica Carnival Director, Kibwe McGann at A.M Bush for Trinidad Carnival 2023

Shanique Singh & Kibwe McGann

6. Brian Lara 🫦💄  | All Inclusive

Hosted by the World Famous West Indian Cricketer Brian Lara, on Carnival Sunday. It is definitely a 'Pretty People' party and always has a theme. Last year it was Royalty, hosted at his mansion, aka Buckingham Palace. Ultra exclusive, super expensive, all-inclusive. That pretty much sums it up. Definitely Adult and Rich Sexy.

Brian Lara, Royalty Fete Top Ten Best Fetes Trinidad
Royalty by Brian Lara

7. SOAKA 💦🫧

Super Exclusive. Chances are if you don't know someone on the committee or if you're unwilling to buy a Haeven Fete Band, you can't even get a ticket. This was considered one of the most epic wet fetes of the last Carnival Season. If you went with a phone, chances are it also got soaked and water penetrated the case by osmosis and it drowned. It's small, full of vibes, in the streets and wet. It's impossible not to get wet.

8. _UCK Work | Drink Inclusive

Carnival Friday belongs to Duck Work. If you're a Carnival Chaser, then you know this brand - Miami, Jamaica, LA, NYC, ATL, Barbados! Hosted by Scorch, this is their flagship party. It's definitely a vibe and a great evening party if you did Sunnation Breakfast Party earlier that day.

9. Panorama

You can't go to Trinidad Carnival and not do Panorama Pan Festival. This is like the origin of the soca ping-ping sound. It is wholesome easy entertainment and fun for the entire family, especially if you've travelled with young ones or a crew that's not into getting wet, painted, and hammered.

10. Vale Vibe 🫦💄  | All Inclusive

February 11 Vale is celebrating 30 years this year, so you can bet they are holding nothing back. Considered the original breakfast party (as if they made this trend popular), Vale Vibe is a "Pretty People" party. So definitely come with your face beat and cute fits, as the girlies are going to be stepping out for this one. This party is adult sexy!

Vale Vibe Top 10 Trinidad Carnival best fete
Vale Vibe Trinidad Carnival 2024

p.s. This is not to be confused with Vale Vibe Cooler party which is 8 hrs of non-stop partying and soca. We've not been to this one, but it looks exciting.

Vale Vibe 8 hour Cooler Fete, Trinidad Carnival 2024
Vale Vibe Cooler Fete Trinidad Carnival 2024

10. Red Ants J'ouvert 💦🫧🎨

You can't say you did Trinidad Carnival without experiencing a true J'ouvert. You're probably thinking, "Well, If I did Stink & Dutty and A.M. Bush why do I need to do J'ouvert?" Short answer: If it's your first Trinidad Carnival, consider it a right of passage.

Long answer: There is just something about partying in the streets, dancing to soca, and drinking Caribbean rum until the sun comes up while being drenched in paint by random strangers, coupled with the joy of smearing paint on misparked cars. 🤣🤣🤣

Disclaimer: It's going to be ruff Carnival Monday because as soon as you get in from J'ouvert it's time to shower ( remember to wash behind your ears) get dressed and hit the road again for Carnival Monday. If you're a first-timer, Carnival Monday is like the dress rehearsal for Carnival Tuesday.

#carnivalhack : Leave the road early, and get at least 2-3 hours of sleep. Set your alarm from NOW! Seriously.

Fete Makeup by Glam Hub 🫦💄

For the parties branded as Pretty Parties '🫦💄' , fete makeup is a must!

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A Million Fete!

But don't just take our word for it. Here's the complete fete list. If it's one thing about Trinidad Carnival, there are at least 10 fetes per day and all of them are good. Honourable mentions include ARMY FETE, FATIMA, KES Tuesday-IZ WE, BLUE RANGE, Josie's Jamishness, A.M. Beach, Punchy Punch & CIC. #carnivalhack Save This ⬇️

Top Ten Best Fetes for Trinidad Carnival
Trinidad Carnival 2024 Fete list

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