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What is Carnival Glam Hub? What is all the fuss about

The best way to explain Glam Hub is to first abandon the thought that this is just another place to get your Carnival makeup or hair done.

"Carnival Glam Hub is more than just makeup, Its an Experience" - Mala Morrison, Self Professed Carnival Chaser

"What is Carnival Glam Hub?"

It is often described as the Caribbean's only Carnival destination luxury salon, offering Carnival makeup, hair and photoshoot. But what does that even mean?

Imagine all the Carnival services you need to look your best under one roof.

Think, the best Carnival muas and hairstylist in one place, then add the best Carnival Photographers. Even the Changing Room is an experience. Think 8ft high mirrors, a seamstress - just incase something goes wrong, and the throw in a couple dressing assistants.

And if that wasn't enough add on hospitality services, costume pick up, shuttles to the band when you're read, comfortable AC waiting rooms, throw in Mimosas on entry, and breakfast if you want.

Who goes to Glam Hub?

A lot of celebrities and carnival influencers go to glam hub, because it's just easier.

On Carnival morning, no one wants to be running around a strange city trying to find where to get to get services done. When you consider the energy and the vibe, and couple that with the photo opportunities and thoughtfulness behind Glam hub, it's easy to understand.

Qimma has booked Carnival Glam Hub for both Miami and St. Lucia Carnivals

Here's how one blogger described her experience

AWM Carnival blogger has already been to three Carnival Glam hubs, Trinidad, Miami and Saint Lucia. She's a repeat client

Best way to find out about Glam Hub is to book you spot and write about your own experience Miami 2022 Trinidad 2023 Jamaica 2023

Share your Glam Hub Experience with us!

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