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Carnival Feather

Carnival Glam Hub Services:

Carnival Makeup. Hair (women). Barber (men). Photoshoot.


 Mimosa on Entry. Dressing Room. Dressing Assistants. Bag Check.
Shuttle Bus Service. 

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Offering two-days:

Waterproof Makeup, Hair, Photoshoot and Shuttle Service to ALL Bands.


Mimosa on Entry, Complimentary Drinks,

Air-conditioned Waiting Room, Dj, Changing Room and Dressing Assistants. 

Elle Smith - Carnival Glam Hub
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Saint Lucia

Carnival '24

Offering two-days:

Waterproof Makeup, Hair, Photoshoot and Shuttle Service to ALL Bands.


Mimosa on Entry, Complimentary Drinks, Air-conditioned Waiting Room, Dj, Changing Room and Dressing Assistants.

Saint Lucia Carnival
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Everything you need to know before you jump carnival. 

Carnival  Blog
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Waterproof Makeup, Hair, Photoshoot and Shuttle Services for ALL Bands.

Xodus, Yardmas, GenXS

Amenities: Changing Room, Dressing Assistants, Refreshments, Air-conditioned waiting room, Shuttle Service

Carnival Glam Hub Jamaica Services
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Carnival Chasers Concierge securing party tickets, lodging, transportation and Glam services. 

Carnival Chasers Concierge Service
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Welcome to Carnival Glam Hub, your ultimate destination for Carnival makeup, hair, and photoshoots in the Caribbean.

We're dedicated to celebrating your unique beauty, offering a seamless experience from start to finish. Enjoy a refreshing mimosa, access our inclusive bar, and relax in our air-conditioned lounge with a resident Soca DJ.

Our spacious changing room, complete with dressing assistants, ensures a stress-free prep. After, check your bags, hop on our shuttle to your Carnival Band, and let us make your Carnival dreams a reality. Book now for an unforgettable experience! View our Gallery

Glam Review Quote

More than Just Makeup, Glam Hub is an Experience

Carnival Glam Hub Trinidad Review

Marissa Williams

"If you were at Jamaica carnival this year you know the heat was on another level and my makeup held up through sweat and bottles of water being spritzed on it. I was truly amazed by the talent and quality of makeup I received as well how pleasant the artist was. 10/10 would recommend this service to anyone playing mas that doesn’t want the hassle and struggle of doing your own hair and makeup before going on the road.

Carnival Glam Hub Makeup Review

AWM - Blogger

"Once again, CGH did not disappoint. Services were rendered in a speedy, organized and professional manner, and I received my photos rather quickly. Considering they were up and running at 3am, I was impressed with their efficiency and energetic atmosphere. The mimosas and vibes was a bonus as well. With the quality of the photos and how well my makeup was done, I would definitely say it was worth every penny

Read her full blog story here

Carnival Glam Hub Makeup Review

Juett Carty

"I must say the initial visual appearance and layout of the Hub alone was impressive. The team displayed great professionalism and went above and beyond to ensure that even the wait time was seamless and comfortable. A light snack was provided for me along with little complimentary goodie bags from their sponsors. There was a comfortable and cool seating area while you wait your turn. Upon entering the room where all the magic happpens, you are greeted with the sense of a bee hive, everyone was actively and productively attending to some one.

Tonya William Carnival Glam Hub Review

Tonya Williams, Travel blogger 

"Glam Hub was incredible. The workers, from the makeup artists to the hairstylists, were exceptional.
The customer service was impeccable. I appreciate the thoughtful layout. What's truly remarkable is
that they've created a one-stop destination to fulfil all your Carnival prep needs. Carnival can be quite
chaotic, dashing from one location to the next for hair, makeup, and getting into your costume. Glam
Hub has expertly crafted a luxurious experience that instils a sense of tranquillity.

Carnival Glam Hub Review

Phillpa Hogarth

“I really love how I was treated from booking my appointment to walking out ready to enjoy the road. The makeup artist was lovely! She made sure I was comfortable as well as ensuring we both were on the same page as to what I wanted. The team was on point with setting me up for my photoshoot! I got my pictures in a timely manner! I will be booking with Carnival Glam Hub again 10/10

Carnival Glam Hub Miami Review


"Been a customer for 3 years and have never been disappointed thank you for always providing an amazing pre-road experience!!

Carnival Glam Hub FAQs

Q. Do All Services Include Makeup A. No. You can build your own package to include the services you want. Send us an email. Q. Do I have a choice with who does my makeup A. You can book a Makeup artist and her team. Some Makeup artists cost more. Q. Do you have private rooms available? A. Yes. For groups of 5 Q. Do you do house calls A. Yes. For groups of 10 Q. Do you provide a shuttle service A. Yes we do. For some territories, this is a complimentary offer, and for others, it may cost extra. Shuttles are only to the band, it is not a round trip. Q. For my photoshoot may I choose my photographer A. Yes you may. The offering may be slightly different per territory Q. Can I bring a friend? A. Yes. For some territories, this may come at a cost depending on the offerings. It is a paid fee for Jamaica, Trinidad and Miami. Q. Is Eventbrite the only payment method? A. No. We accept most payment solutions: PayPal, Zelle, Apple Pay, WiPay or Direct Deposit Q. Can I Pay at the door? A. You can, but you will be accommodated only on a first come first basis or space available. The best option is to pay the deposit to secure the time slot, and then the balance on the day.

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