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How To Put On Your Carnival Wire Bra

Carnival Wire Bras: Tips to Avoid Costume Malfunctions!

We're jumping straight into it.

Shortcut: Watch this video to learn the correct way of putting on your Carnival Wire Bra. Save It! This is the Holy Grail!

Four must-know tips for your Carnival Wire Bras:

1. Be Nice When Collecting Your Costume: Pro Tip #1 – always open and check your package at the band house. Wear something close fitting to the band house and try on your wire bra before you go to ensure the sizing is correct. Don't forget to ask for extra strings. Trust us, smile with the person serving you and motivate them to go around the back and get you extra! They always have! It's your armour; make sure it's battle-ready! p.s. Learn their name in case you have to return to the band house because something is missing.

2. Try Before You Fete: Pro Tip #2 – never wait until the last minute to try on your costume. Avoid on-the-day or the morning of surprises. We promise you: ill-fitting wire bras lead to 90% of all costume malfunctions. Battle scars are cool, but not from a wardrobe malfunction!

How to tie your wire bra by: @carnivalbae

3. Backpack and Bra Don't Mix: Pro Tip #3 – resist the temptation to tie your backpack (Wings) to your Carnival Wire Bra. Imagine struggling to remove your wings at the lunch stop or trying to fit into those tiny porter potties and unintentionally removing your bra. Not the vibe! Don't do it!

4. When All Else Fails: Pro Tip #4 – Remember, Glam Hub is your ultimate saviour! Need adjustments or repairs? Carnival Glam Hub offers seamstresses and dressing assistants. For just $35, unlock exclusive access to the Hub. No pre-booking required; pay at the door. Doors swing open at 2:00 am in most territories, typically at Hilton Hotels.

Enjoy the perks – from large mirrors and dressing assistants to clean, spacious, air-conditioned dressing rooms, plus complimentary alcohol and tea/coffee. And here's a bonus – after getting Carnival-ready, why not book an on-the-spot photoshoot package at the door?

Remember, your Carnival Wire Bra should be a celebration of comfort!

P.S. If this is your first carnival, and you've never been to a costume distribution centre or band house, you're gonna wanna watch this. It's a little long-winded, but she starts dropping gems around the 4-minute mark. You'll thank us later.


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