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Fete Republic: Night Carnival Jamaica

Updated: May 26, 2022

It's not a Carnival band, but it should be!

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Fete Republic has evolved into a staple calendar event for Carnival and Soca enthusiasts to get their fix off-season. It has all the makings of an actual carnival... just without the movement. It has BIG Trucks ... which don't move, no rolling bars, a stage ... which you can't trample on, Its happens on the city streets... but there is no marching. It's almost as if the band stopped and everyone is taking a last jam (dance) and it's Carnival Monday in Trinidad.

Girls are encouraged to wear Monday Wear, which looks something like this...

Carnival Monday Wear, by definition is a variation of a costume worn by revelers on the road that can vary from minimal bikinis to full -fledged costumes. Carnival Monday wear originated out of a desire to have more options besides wearing your full costume on both days of carnival. It is basically an alternative to wearing your costume 2 days in a row for any 2-day carnival but most specifically Trinidad Carnival. It isn’t absolutely necessary to have but nowadays – the trend has taken on a form of its’ own. source:

Fete Republic Night Carnival brings out all the hotties, baddies, soca babies, bachannalists, ravers, dancers, influencers and soca chasers. The event is known for its entrance photo booth, decor, vibes and great music.

" Night Carnival is an awesome reminder of what's to come for Carnival in Jamaica. I love Soca music and Fete Republic checks all the right boxes: Great Energy, Good music, and lots of photos. I've attended three of their events, and frankly, at this point I'm a Fete Republican " - Shanique Singh | media strategist and social Influencer

It's no secret that girls go all out for Night Carnival. It's one of those parties that demands it.

Attendees order Monday wear from as far as Trinidad and book makeup appointments with Glam Hub (shameless plug) weeks in advance.

Fete Republic is one of those events that is BIG on optics. Think stationary trucks, 360º photo booth, and the infamous light walk which comes with a mirror for the women.

Source: d3_draping

Join the movement Fete Republic , Carnival Glam Hub endorsed!

Fete Republic over the years: Cayman and Jamaica

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