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How did we get here? Carnival Glam Hub

What would have started as a story about a mentor and his mentee blossomed into something neither could have foreseen. This is where I introduce myself, Kibwe McGann -event planner, marketer, sponsorship magnet, aspiring mogul, carnival chaser, with a penchant for mentoring. And of course, the other half of this story, Gabrielle (Gabby) Waite -marketing student, aspiring makeup artist, fashionista and glam girl.

Back in 2018, I had a client that needed me to select 8 models for a Carnival road march promotion. I was entrusted with the logistics of getting ready - costumes, hair, makeup, boots, transportation and lunch. Back then, I was very involved in a youth marketing agency called UCA -University College Ambassadors- where I was mentored the Exec body. I shared with the Exec team the services I needed to fulfil my client's request and that night Gabby reached out saying she wanted to manage the glam process of getting the models ready. I don't know much about makeup and hair, but the girls looked GOOD! Or maybe it was because they were models... the client was so impressed, they booked us the following year.

Fast forward a year, Gabby has graduated, and has started a whole business as a makeup artist for hire. She called a couple weeks before Carnival to tell me she may not be able to commit to doing all the girl's for my client this year as she had already started to receive bookings for carnival.

Now pay attention, because this is where the story could have gone either way. In my mentorship capacity I asked Gabby two questions:

What if you could do 50 girls at once? How would you like to make more money?

Of course, the answer to the fist question -on the surface- is that it is impossible, but the second question makes you want to rethink the approach to the first. As a business man, I was taught long ago that you can't do all the work if you plan to grow your business. This is origin story of Carnival Glam Hub. It begins with the pairing of two unlikely partners chasing their passions. One, a lover of makeup and all things GLAM, and the other, a Carnival Chaser and Event Planner.


Carnival Glam Hub is the ultimate Carnival GLAM concierge experience where all the Carnivalistas book their makeup, hair and photoshoot appointments. Your glam experience comes with access to: several all-inclusive bars, coffee and tea station, grand changing rooms with 8ft tall mirrors; dressing assistants, on-site seamstress, charging stations, selfie/photo walls, bag check, wing check, ac lounge, resident soca DJ, and shuttle service from the Hub to your Carnival band.

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