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My Miami Carnival Experience

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

By Shanique Singh @queen.singh

It was my first time jumping Miami Carnival and also my first time with Carnival Glam Hub. Prior to this, I had only done Carnival in College and in Jamaica with Xaymaca and Bacchanal. This would be my first carnival in a foreign country and the first carnival since the Pandemic. Yup... a lot of firsts.

I arrived at NUVO SUITE HOTEL for my Glam Hub appointment and as soon as I stepped into the building I was greeted by the friendly faces of the Hub, who seemed determined on treating me like a celeb! I was one of their influencers and I was early for my appointment... but apparently just in time for breakfast and mimosas which came with my Full Glam Package

Once I entered the Glam Hub makeup room I knew I had made the right choice. They literally had real celebs /influencers with followings in the Millions getting their makeup done right beside me. I was determined to hold my own, with my little 50K+

Anyway... my face came out beat to the Gods! The MUA and the hairstylist understood their assignment. They delivered exactly what I wanted , and most importantly listened!

Glam Hub had really large mirrors in the changing and dressing areas. I had a Psyche frontline costume and trust me... if your costume has a million strings and pieces, you're going to need dressing assistance especially when strapping on your back pack.

Of course... just my luck... if there is an opportunity for something to go wrong it will. I tried adjusting my costume and broke a nail! I literally wanted to cry, but I my face was already beat and I didn't want to ruin it!

The photographer's assistant got my finger all cleaned up and was super gentle and patient. I certainly didn't battle with traveling from Jamaica in the middle of the Pandemic to sit and sulk. I was going to make the best of the experience... I still had a shoot to slay!

GenX Carnival was vibes from the moment you arrive until the end. They even sprinkled in a little bit of Dancehall closer to the end which definitely added to the vibe. They had the best DJs, amazing food and they weren't stingy with the alcohol and drinks! The bar staff were quick and efficient with keeping us cool and refreshed in the Miami sun. The trucks didn't move too fast and there was space to 'bruck out' and get on bad. And speaking of bruck out, my costume never got in the way while I did my thing. The experience was one I would not mind re-living. I haven't jumped with any other Miami Carnival band, so there is nothing to compare my experience to, but as it stands, I'm not going anywhere else!!!

Have you seen their 2022 costumes!!! If not, check out GenX 2022 costume review here

Hot tip: If you're registering for GenX Carnival, they have Glam Hub as an add-on for only $20. Pay the deposit and secure your spot as they fill up quickly. Make sure to include photos in your package. You'll thank me later!

Thank you Carnival Glam Hub for inviting me to be a guest contributor! See you in Jamaica and Trinidad!. Follow me on Instagram: @queen.singh

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