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GenX Miami Carnival was a Success: Make Way for GenXS Jamaica Band Launch

Miami, FL - October 17, 2023 - GenX Miami Carnival once again made waves at the 2023 Miami Broward Carnival Parade. This year, under the theme "UNAPOLOGETIC: Disrupt the System," GenXers from all corners of the Caribbean joined forces with their North American counterparts for a memorable celebration.

Looking forward to GenXS Carnival in Jamaica Band Launch on November 18, 2023

The excitement began with GenX Immortals J'ouvert, setting the stage for the Costume Road Parade. Masqueraders couldn't stop talking about how fantastic the experience was, from GenX fire trucks to GenX Monokinis J'ouvert kits. The level of detail and planning was on point!

GenX has a reputation for fashion-forward costume designs and Hot girls in costumes. It's no secret, but GenX brings out all the influencers and celebrities. GenX is also known for playing a healthy mix of Dancehall infused with Soca which ties in with their theme this year "Unapologetic: Disrupting the System"


"Being a part of a band that offers a premium service and an unmatched experience is amazing. The quality of the GenX experience is what keeps me coming back."

Achsah Henry, led an army of mechanical 'Prototypes,' (masqueraders) designed by David Dewar. The costume bordered on Post-Apocalyptic Humanoid meeting Futurist Cyborg.

"What sets GenX apart for me is the premium service and the meticulous attentions to detail. It's the little things that matter, and GenX excels at understanding and delivering those. The best part is, the excitement continued in Jamaica. The vibe is unbeatable, and it’s almost impossible not to have a great time, whether in Miami or Jamaica."

Shanique Singh, the reigning Miss Jamaica World and a section leader for MODA for GenX Miami Carnival 2024, also played a vital role in the event. As a prominent figure in the Jamaican entertainment scene, her involvement speaks to the widespread appeal of GenX.

Up next BUN UP THE ROAD with GenXS

Krystal Pitt, a seasoned masquerader, declared that the bar is raised higher each year, creating tremendous anticipation for Jamaica's celebration.


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