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XODUS Jamaica Carnival Band Launch: A Celebration of Mas Couture

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

October 16, 2023, marked the kickstart to Carnival in Jamaica with XODUS and Bacchanal Jamaica's Band Launch. Hosted at 36 Hope Road, this event marked the second collaborative show by XODUS and Bacchanal under one umbrella.

Fun Fact: Xodus is also partially owned by Trinidadian Band YUMA.

Models featured: @annaleaux @dhq_aga


The Show: Xodus Jamaica Carnival Band Launch

Megan for Xodus Band Launch Carnival in Jamaica
Megan, aka Good Body Megz, opened the show

The show was an amazing celebration of everything to expect for Carnival in Jamaica 2024. XODUS and Bacchanal both upped their game from their 2023 presentation. Bigger Stage, Super lighting and audio production! If this is a precursor to the road, then WOW!

As soon as you walked through the gate, you could tell you were in for a show.

The stage was set with flashing lights, massive screens, and a runway.

The costumes this year were on fire. The Wing detail and attention to theme were on point! The models also delivered energy and vibes.

Makeup and hair by Carnival Glam Hub

Carnival Glam Hub's team worked behind the scenes getting the models ready and bringing each theme to life with makeup that complimented each look. Glam Hub was responsible for makeup and hair. The Glam Hub team provided hair and makeup services for all 28 models.


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Explore Xodus Jamaica Carnival and Bacchanal Costumes

Side note: The official makeup for the band photos was also done by Glam Hub's celebrity makeup team. In Conclusion

Xodus band launch in Jamaica
XODSUS JAMAICA Carnival Band Launch

The Xodus and Bacchanal Carnival in Jamaica Band Launch was a resounding success it was not just a regular event, it was an entire party celebrating diversity, creativity, and growth of the brand. The costumes were edgy, and the mix of Trinidad and Jamaica DJs was good. Overall the presentation was well executed and the "Mas Couture" theme was brought to life by the models and designs. The opening and finale pieces worn by Megan and Mileya were S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G

Next up: GenXS Carnival Jamaica Band Launch November 18

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