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Why Celebrities Are Rethinking Jamaica Carnival

Buckle up for the inside scoop on why celebs are reevaluating their Jamaica Carnival plans after Chance the Rapper stirred up some island controversy last year. 🚀💃

🕺 Chance the Rapper’s Carnival Tango:

Remember Chance’s dance moves and that infamous tap with @MelaxGoddess on the streets of Kingston during Carnival? The internet couldn’t get enough, but the drama left fans questioning if celebrities are still welcome in Jamaica for Carnival.

Let's face it. The Trinidadian national, Melax is a Goddess in the eyes of men, and Chance may have taken one too many chances with this beauty.

❓ Can Celebs Still Fete in Jamaica?

The big question is, are celebrities going to be more cautious on the Jamaican Carnival scene after last year’s uproar? Did Melax's Chance encounter curb the attractiveness of Carnival in Jamaica? One thing for sure is that Melax has certainly moved on, and will be returning to Jamaica for Carnival 2024 under the Xodus Carnival banner.

Melax Goddess getting glammed by Carnival Glam Hub for Xodus Carnival
Melax Goddess getting glammed

🌴 The Plot Twist: Celebs Never Left!

Hold onto your feathers because here’s the twist – celebs have been flocking to Jamaica Carnival and Jamaica for ages! Celebs have had a love affair with Jamaica since Bob Marley and Reggae Music, which has been further fuelled by Disney's Cool Runnings, and track legend Usain Bolt.

Discover the untold reasons why A-listers keep coming back for Jamaica Carnival

🌟 Jamaican Carnival: The Star-Struck Island:

Jamaica offers more than just Carnival – it’s a star-studded playground. Truth is, celebrity escapades hardly ruffle the feathers of locals. Jamaicans would prefer to pretend as if they don't see them than to make them feel 'special'. For Carnival in Jamaica 2023, supermodels Winnie Harlow, R&B Singer Marques Houston, Chance the Rapper, and MTV Wild N Out girl Krystall Pitt danced through the streets of Kingston for J'ouvert and Carnival Road March! EBONY Magazine described it as "Beautiful Chaos".

Winnie Harlow at GenXS Carnival in Jamaica
Super Model Winnie Harlow, GenXS Carnival Jamaica

Chance the Rapper dancing with Melax Goddess in Jamaica for Carnival
Chance The Rapper, Xodus Carnival in Jamaica

🌊 Oceanfront Parties and Clandestine Rendzvous:

Get ready for a star-studded comeback! Jamaica’s breathtaking beaches and exclusive hotels are irresistible to celebrities. Jamaica is renowned for its food, music and friendly people. There's also an unspoken taboo that is often associated with Jamaica which adds to its mysterious appeal and allure. Many women, celebs included, visit the island in hopes of discovering "How Stella Got Her Groove Back".

🎉 Carnival Comeback: Celebs Are Here to Stay!

Despite the much-about-nothing drama that made entertainment news cycles globally, and the debate about whether Chance was inappropriately dancing will certainly not deter celebrities from coming to Jamaica. Jamaica Carnival will remain a Hollywood hotspot according to reports from the Carnival bands. Celebrities will keep flocking to the island for its closeness to North America, amazing beaches, food and freedom to revel without being under a spotlight (for the most part).

Marques Houston with GenXS Carnival in Jamaica
Marques Houston GenXS Carnival in Jamaica

Jamaica Carnival drama? It’s all part of the star-studded show! 💫💃

About Carnival Glam Hub

Carnival Glam Hub is the Caribbean's only destination Carnival Salon, offering Glam Services by Award Winning Celebrity Makeup and Hair Stylists. Winnie Harlow and Melax's makeup and hair were done by Carnival Glam Hub's Glam Team for Carnival in Jamaica 2023. Book your Glam Experience for:

Krystal Pitt from MTV Wild N Out at Carnival Glam Hub Jamaica
Krystal Pitt from MTV Wild N Out

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