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Faces of Bella Rouge Confirmed for Jamaica

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Amanda Bugros is the makeup artist behind the brand Faces of Bella Rouge. She's known in the carnival circles as the woman who determines the 'Carnival Looks' for the season. Her body of work extends beyond the shores of Trinidad and Tobago and can be seen on the faces of all the girls in the 2022 Band Looks. You may not know her name, but if you're a Carnival Chaser and Playing Mas in 2022, you've seen her work.

Models from left: @achsahhenry @melaxgoddess

Carnival Glam Hub (CGH) caught up with Amanda, and here's what she had to say.

CGH: Amanda, the question on everybody's mind is how many bands have you done for the 2022 season?

"Short Answer... All

Amanda responds laughingly...

"We are really proud of serving over 35 carnival bands just this year. Chances are... if the band shoot was done in Trinidad and Tobago, my team and I did the makeup.

CGH: Do you mind sharing that list? Can you even recall all the bands?

Amanda bashfully shares:

  1. Krave The Band, International Glam Hub Endorsed :-)

  2. Yuma, Trinidad

  3. Euphoria, Miami

  4. GenX, Miami Glam Hub Endorsed :-)

  5. One island band, Miami

  6. Vibe Mas Carnival, Grenada

  7. WKT Mas, Atlanta

  8. Saldenah Carnival, Toronto

  9. Reign Carnival, London

  10. Renegade Mas, Cayman Islands

  11. Tribe, Trinidad

  12. Nova Mas International, Bermuda

  13. Ramajay Mas, Miami

  14. Dingolay Mas, Miami

  15. Party Room Squad Mas, Miami

  16. Mascots International, Miami

  17. Freaks Mas, Miami

  18. Sherzel Production Mas, Miami

  19. Venom Carnival, Toronto

  20. D’Veterans Mas Productions

  21. Carnival Nations, Toronto

  22. Xuvo Carnival, St. Lucia Glam Hub Endorsed :-)

  23. Lust Carnival, St Lucia

  24. Bacchanal JA, Jamaica

  25. Liv Carnival,

  26. Lavish The Band

  27. Paparazzi, Trinidad

  28. Zulu International, Barbados

  29. Ultra Carnival, St Kitts

  30. Jam The Band, International

  31. Genesis Carnival, Guyana

  32. Zain Carnival, Tobago

  33. Mas_Parade, Toronto

  34. Legends Carnival, St Lucia

  35. Just for Fun, Carnival

CGH: Who is Faces of Bela Rouge?

I founded Faces of Bella Rouge (FBR) in 2013 in Trinidad & Tobago I'm the Chief Bella Babe and Art Director. I like to describe FBR as a makeup magic company. We inspire women. Each brush stroke is magic, giving the gift of confidence and power.

Amanda continues...

We’ve also enjoyed the opportunity of doing makeup for brilliant artists and flag bearer of Soca Music and our Culture: Alison Hinds, Machel Montano, Destra and Nadia Batson, just to name a few. As a performer, especially a Soca performer, its high energy and pace. You need makeup that stays and looks good until the end. FBR makeup... stays real good.

CGH: Describe your style of Makeup


Bold, Emotive, Long Lasting When we do someone's makeup we tap into who that person is and what they want.FBR make-up style is thrilling , exciting, bold and will outlast any masqueraders energy to dance.

Amanda laughs, beaming with pride.

model: Toni

CGH: What do masqueraders need to do before sitting in your chair


Before you enter our chair clients need 1. Clean face 2. Groomed eyebrows 3. Reference one makeup looks that they like 4. Disclose any allergies to any makeup

CGH: What are the trending Carnival makeup looks for 2022

For 2022 the trend is a vibrant mixture of linework, glows and dramatic eyes. This is primarily because of how COVID-19 made us hide most of our faces and emphasis was only on the eyes only. For this season I wanted to celebrate the reintroduction of the entire face.
key looks included:
  • Neon liner,

  • Embellished eye

  • Cat-eye

  • Coloured liner

  • Minimalist wing eyeliner

GenX 2022, makeup by Faces of Bella Rouge

CGH: What carnival destinations will Amanda and FBR be doing this year?


As it stands I'm booked for Carnival in Jamaica and Crop Over in Barbados exclusively with Carnival Glam Hub. After those two Carnivals... ask me again...

CGH: You can book Amanda for Carnival in Jamaica here



Carnival Glam Hub is the Caribbean's only destination Carnival Salon, offering all the modern trappings of a modern high-end salon. CGH offers makeup, hair, bronzing, photography, shuttle services, refreshments and mimosas on entry.

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