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Carnival Glam Hub Trinidad 2024: Lights, Camera, Glam!

Hey there, Carnival lovers! If you thought Trinidad Carnival 2024 was just another carnival, think again. This is the mecca of carnival! This is what sets the tone for the season.

Naila Blackman Trinidad Carnival Makeup By Faces of Bella Rouge at Carnival Glam Hub
Nailha - Trinidad Carnival

Let's dive into the action, shall we? Picture this: 3D Holographic LED Floor beneath a stunning rose canopy and sidewalls. It was like stepping into a Carnival fairytale! This was how we introduced our newest offering: Reels. Masqueraders could create their reels using the backdrop or, use a member of the Glam Media team to professionally film and edit their reel. And let me tell you, the response? Absolutely epic!

But wait, there's more! This year we introduced Back Pack Babes as a photo add-on. Consider this, you're wise to the Backpack game and are no longer willing to spend hundreds of dollars on wings, that you're going to discard after lunch, or after the stage. So this year, you've opted out. This is where Back Pack Babes, come in. You can do a photoshoot with wings from each of the bands and the sections. Take your photos and return the wings. Cool concept, right?

Btw, don't sleep on booking Hair Glam, the carnival hair Game in Trinidad Carnival is next level!! That's why we're importing our Trini Hairstylist team for Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Miami Carnivals.

Now, let's talk endorsements. Glam Hub Trinidad had some biggest names in the biz gracing our high chairs this year. From the new face of Tommy Hilfiger, Elle Smith, to supermodel Briana Smith, and certianly no shortage of Influencers! We had all the big Carnival models and Soca songstress Nailah Blackman who made an appearance at the Hub both days– talk about star power!

But hey, it wasn't all glitz and glamour. We learned a few lessons along the way too. Like how some girls would book late appointments but show up early, eager to jump in the chair. Well, we're onto that trick now – no more early birds disrupting the flow. And if you show up late, you'll be sent straight to the back of the queue. Yep, we're serious about punctuality around here!

Trinidad Carnival makeup
Makeup by Gabby Glam

Oh, and let's not forget about Fete Makeup – a big thing in Trinidad! Glam Hub now offers Fete makeup for events during the week, so you can look your best at all times. And a quick PSA for J'ouvert-goers: please, for the love of Carnival, wash your ears and face thoroughly before you show up for your appointment. We're here to glam you up, not clean your ears (almost funny, but not quite)!

Sponsor's Plug: This year, we had the pleasure of welcoming back KFC Trinidad as a sponsor. KFC at Glam Hub Trinidad was such a success, we're considering bringing KFC onboard for Glam Hub Jamaica – after all, they say Jamaica has the best KFC in the world (cue the Trini objections)!

Thank you to all who booked Carnival Glam Hub in Trinidad! See you next year!

Up Next: Jamaica Carnival! Tell a Friend. Bring a Friend. We're going to have a blast!

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