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ELLE Smith: Trinidad Carnival 2024 It Girl

Elle Smith Trinidad Carnival 2024, Makeup, Hair, Photoshoot by Carnival Glam Hub
Elle Smith - Trinidad Carnival 2024, Carnival Glam Hub photo

Welcome, Carnival lovers, to the first of our Carnival Influencer Interview series! 🎉 Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with the fabulous Elle Smith, former Miss USA and one of the stunning faces of Carnival Glam Hub Trinidad. Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of Trinidad Carnival through Elle's eyes!

Interview Questions & Answers:

1. How was your 2024 Trinidad Carnival experience?

Elle: "Incredible. It was everything I could have imagined and more. It was an amazing celebration of culture, love, life, freedom, joy, and beauty. Trinidadian culture is something I admire and respect, so I was very grateful to return for the second time."

2. You did Trinidad Carnival last year, why did you return and what made this one special?

Elle: "As the song says, I’ll never miss another carnival again. Hahahah, but in all seriousness, carnival is such a unique experience that you can’t really put into words unless you are there in person. This year I had a better understanding of the culture, the road, how to navigate the fetes, I knew people, so I could build off of that and just focus on having a good time on the road. I made so many new friends this year that it’s only fair that I come back to see them next year!"

SOAKA Street Festival - Trinidad Carnival 2024

Throwback to Elle on the Streets of Trinidad Carnival 2023

3. What would you recommend to a first-time Carnival masquerader?

Elle: "Two things will make your life easier, buy comfortable shoes and sign up for Glam Hub!"

Glam Hub Photoshoot at the Hilton Trinidad Hotel. Makeup by Gabby Glam

4. What’s so special about Glam Hub?

Elle: "They have everything you need to make your experience on the road seamless. Hair, bomb makeup that lasts all day, a seamstress for the last-minute changes or fashion emergencies, photographers who can capture those moments you do not want to forget, and more. They have helped me feel so comfortable and confident on the road for two years now, and I could not imagine my carnival experience without them."

Getting Dressed at the Hub

Makeup by Gabby Glam

5. What’s next for Elle Smith?

Elle: "I just recently joined the Tommy Hilfiger family and am excited to be working closely with them over the next year. I recently moved to NYC, where I am focusing on acting school and modeling. I have a few exciting projects that I am keeping under wraps, that will come out later in the year."

And there you have it! A glimpse into the whirlwind world of Carnival through the eyes of the sensational Elle Smith.

Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews with Carnival influencers, and remember, If you're booking a trip for Carnival in the Caribbean, chances are, we've got a Glam Hub there.

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